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      Cyndy whoops it up on stage and TV about making life a joyride.

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      Always Wear Your Invisible Crown & Be The Queen of Your Life

      It's Tiara Day on May 24  but let's celebrate all week.  Whether you fancy placing a bejeweled crown on your head or wearing an imaginary one, find out how to work it from this TV appearance, BE THE QUEEN OF YOUR LIFE

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      Spring Clean Your Relationships

      Put on your glamour gloves and roll up your sleeves, there’s work to do.  It's spring cleaning time but not for your house.  That's easy!  Just spray Febreeze.  Every time I get the urge to clean I watch an

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      Makin' Whoopie Like a Mother

      My mom was at death's door last December.  Her colon had burst, she was septic, and fighting the good fight.  I was afraid I was going to lose her.  My mom is the sweetest, most patient person I know.  Losing her

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      Ways to PUSH UP Happiness at Work

      How can you be happy at work when things around you are swirling to take you down?  I am really afraid to put this out there for fear of what you might think of me.  But I'm doing it anyway, living up to my credo that

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