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    • Demo Reel: Sizzler Extravaganza


      Cyndy whoops it up on stage and TV about making life a joyride:

    • Makin' Whoopie No Matter What Comes Your Way...

      Thanksgiving Fun & Games

      Need something new to do with the family?  How about a take on the game Hedbanz where people guess what is on the card by the clues given by the players of the game.  Each time you guess, you get to put a feather in

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      Stress Less & Party Like a Pilgrim

      I have an uncle I see during the holidays who picks me up and squeezes me so tight that my bootie thunders.   That's code for fart.  And no, I don't whisper in my panties. Family can be stressful sometimes!  Don't

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      Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

      Looking for last minute Halloween costume ideas?  Here's your power tool to make sure you can DIY in a fab get-up.   Watch this video for ideas on Empire's Cookie & Lucious (prison wear), Tooth Fairy & Tooth,

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      Quality Time in Half the Time

      I was at lunch with a friend who kept checking her phone, making excuses for how busy she is.  My patience wore out.  I left the table and texted her to reschedule when she had time to be with me.  We don't have time

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