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    • Demo Reel: Sizzler Extravaganza

      Cyndy whoops it up on stage and TV about making life a joyride.

    • Inspirations from the Whoopieshere...

      Taxes Schmaxes, Whoop It Up No Matter What

      Deadlines.  Ugh.  And every April we have to the imminent due date to file our taxes.  Let's make the date with Uncle Sam as whoopierific as we can.  There are lots of freebies and cheapies to make the day a joy

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      Turn a No to Yes for a First Class Life Upgrade

      No, you can't change your flight.  No, there isn't any room.  No, you'll have to wait until the flight you booked takes off. I imagined a thought bubble over lame, anti-customer service person's head, "No, I don't

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      Jane Condon - Who's Getting The WhoopPOW Now?!

      How do you go from being called a "drunken housewife" to being picked as "Audience Favorite" on NBC's Last Comic Standing?  Make 'em laugh!  Learn how Jane Condon braved the New York City streets to audition, and even

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      Hit PLAY - http://www.happysoundslike.com/en/index.html Take the happiness hug quiz - :D

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