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      Cyndy whoops it up on stage and TV about making life a joyride:

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      Dinner Party Help

      We are having a dinner party in a few weeks and I can't wait to use it as an excuse to put on a wig and get my husband to help me clean our house.  Ok, those are two separate occasions although I'm game for

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      Dance - Get Up Offa That Thing

      Get up offa that thing and dance till you feel better.  James Brown had it down.  Dancing is worth money, boosts your mood, improves self esteem, and gets creative juices flowing.  This Saturday is National Dance

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      Shake It Off

      July 15, 2015
      Shake It Off

      We went to the Taylor Swift concert last night and my daughter left crying her eyes out.  It was all because of me.  I screwed up.  I wanted to leave early to get a jump start on the 45,000 people exiting the stadium.

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      Survive the Family Vacation - Ways to Make it Jawsome!

      It’s Shark Week, summer is in full swing, and lots of people are gathering with family.  So many things could happen!  You take your boyfriend to meet your "people" and a random cousin shows up with a monkey in a

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      TV appearance - DC

      Let's Talk Live News Ch 8 - Sizzle up your love life during August, it's Romance Month.  WJLA



      Prim & Proper Comedy Show - Baltimore, MD

      8 PM upstairs at Zissimos Bar in Hampden.  Produced by Charm City Comedy Project.  Link coming soon.




      TV Appearance - Let's Talk Live

      News Ch 8



      Make Me Laugh Comedy Tour

      Hagerstown, MD.