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      Cyndy whoops it up on stage and TV about making life a joyride:

    • Makin' Whoopie No Matter What Comes Your Way...

      Easy & Fab DIY Valentine's Gifts

      Here are four whoopierific, DIY Valentine's Gifts - bacon roses, 52 ways to say "I love you" playing cards, post-it love notes, and a date night in movie basket that will have more than the corn popping.

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      Bacon Roses

      February 8, 2016
      Bacon Roses

      BACON ROSES:  Watch this one minute video of how to make roses you can eat.  They're bacon roses.  Preheat your oven to 400.  Roll 2 packs of bacon.  Put toothpicks on bottom.  Bake for appx. 20 minutes.  Drain. 

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      Goals?  Resolutions?  WHOOPIEEEE!

      IF YOU LIKE BROWNIES, YOU WILL LOVE THESE WHOOPIES! Gluten-Free Whoopie Pie recipe at bottom. Memories of confetti, noise-makers, and champagne seem so long ago.  Time marches on, and by now, 1 in 3 of us have ditched

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      Joy Ride 2016

      January 5, 2016
      Joy Ride 2016

      Why do so many people make resolutions?  Will it make them happier?  Create lasting joy? What is the difference between joy and happiness, anyhoo?!  Some say "happiness" is generally determined by an outward force

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