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      Cyndy whoops it up on stage and TV about making life a joyride:

    • WHOOP IT UP! Ways to have more fun, less stress...

      WANDER FULL - Why Travel Makes Us Happy

      Shouldn't I be annoyingly-happy if travel brings joy?  In the past year, I've been to Greece, New Orleans, the Hamptons, New York City, Disney, Idaho and have plans for an upcoming journey to off the grid in West

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      Do You Want A Legendary Love Affair? Here's how...

      Lust is simple, people.  Love is hard.  50 Shades of Grey is steamy, but I'd like to see Anastasia and Christian as a married couple after 10 years with children.  Their playroom would definitely have different toys.

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      Broke My Leg to Kick My Inner Critic's Ass

      Years ago I had an accident that broke me.  The picture to the left is me with my friend Matt who had been driving the snowmobile that hit a tree and sent us careening down Whistler Mountain in Vancouver, Canada.  

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      A dear friend of mine sent me an hour long interview of Oprah indicating her message was exactly what I need to hear.  I hesitated because, it's Oprah and I just didn't feel like jumping on the bandwagon, even though I

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