• Meet Cyndy

  • Cyndy Bragg is all about ways to have more fun and less stress.


  • With fun, humor, and sass, Cyndy Bragg encourages women to make life a joyriding adventure—including the bumps along the way. 

    Cyndy is a practitioner of positive psychology, a wife, a mom, a hugger. She was nicknamed "The Whoopie Queen," by the mayor of her town for her fantabulous homemade whoopie pies. When someone thought he was calling her a "tart," being not one to disappoint, Cyndy put on a sparkly tube top and started her comedy shows. The nickname stuck and has become a trademark in Cyndy's personal and professional worlds.

    The whoopie pies were going to be sold in Whole Foods and after baking long, horrendous hours in a commercial kitchen, Cyndy realized that she missed being with people. What she really wanted was to make people tap into their joy. She did more comedy. She went on the news to promote a comedy show she was producing. They asked her to come back and give fun life advice. She pulled tips from magazines and felt she needed research to back up her life tips. I mean, it was the news after all. She got a certification in applied positive psychology. Now she spreads whoopie throughout the land.

  • How she found her mission.

    Cyndy's zest, fun and belief in a positive outlook is a contagious force, and it is her mission to share it with women everywhere. But she had to find her way there, after being in a terrible, life-changing accident during a business trip. While in a hospital hundreds of miles from home and wheelchair bound, a pain medication drip went very wrong and sent her into convulsions. As she describes it, she was in "a long dark tunnel where there was nothing but emptiness. I truly thought I was dying and going to Hell."

    When she came to, Cyndy was rocked to the core. Then her boyfriend dumped her. That's right. However, she snapped out of her trauma with the epiphany, "I get to decide how my life goes. I am not going down this hole." She made a commitment to appreciate the gift of life and take initiative to enjoy every day--bumps, bang-ups and all. "We only have one time on this planet...let's WHOOP IT UP!"

    And does she ever. Let Cyndy take you along with her, and discover your own inner whoopPOW! 

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