• Do you think that actually going to the yoga class is more beneficial than walking around in stretch pants all day?  There IS a plus to looking like a OOOOOmanista with a green juice.  For istance, I feel flexible.  It's easy to get in and out of my car with packages.  And people think I worked out.  Guess it doesn't really meet the resolution to practice getting more grounded.  Yoga is supposed to be such a good stress reliever.  My issue is that when I do my downward dog, I end up sounding like Queen LaQueefa.  That's not zen, it's freaking noisy.  

    According to Forbes magazine, only 8% of us will keep our New Years Resolutions.  It's freaking hard to change.  Some experts say that to break a habit, you have to replace it with a new habit. They suggest we rewire the brain with a new, positive trigger, and reward yourself.   Guess that means to get the benefit of a downward dog, I'll need to do an online class in private, and treat myself to a green juice in public.  This is making me feel so grounded.  It really is a practice.

    Say you want to exercise more.  Join a gym with a friend.   The accountability of having a buddy with you will actually keep you showing up.  Take a class that is enjoyable.  You are more likely to stick to anything if you add an element of fun.  Zumba is hit and half because we shake it like a Polaroid.  

    Want more happiness?   Try a celebratory attitude by finding a reason to celebrate the every day.  It can be simple - I didn't yell at my kids today.  Or, whoo hoo, I slept 8 hours last night.  Some people might put this in the gratitude category.  There are oodles of unique "holidays" if you need a little extra help.  Last week was Elvis' birthday so we had pb & banana sammies for dinner.  Next week there is National Hug Day.  I resolve to try the "more-than-you-were-expecting" hug on a few people.  

    More ideas below plus watch my take on ways to make resolutions stick in this video clip: Let's Talk Live - Resolutions

    1/13 Tuesday - Make Your Dream Come True Day.  Better than a resolution, this is buket list material for dreaming big. 

    Check out the project spanning the globe, Before I Die...   Candy Chang painted an abandoned building with chalkboard paint and started a movement.  "Before I die I want to _______.” Anyone walking by can pick up a piece of chalk, reflect on their life, and share their personal aspirations in public space.

    1/14 Wednesday - Dress Your Pet Day - Oh gawd!   

    1/15 National Hat Day - As if we didn't wear enough hats!  Pick your favorite actual hat or don a metaphoric one.  

    1/19 MLK Day of Service - Get out there and help somebody.  If you have kids, check out the shelters.  They often need people to volunteer to make sandwiches.  They also gave us a tour of the facility and it was good for the kids to see where the ladies sleep.  All bunk beds are not created equally.

    Whoop it Up!