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  • Wine Me Away Coz I Got Teen

    Hello sparklers. It's wackadoo video time and yes, I wrote on a wine glass with a Sharpie. (It comes off easily.)  The story below provides context. How does one keep the glow when working, taking care

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    International Day of Happiness

    😀It’s International Day of Happiness, declared by the United Nations. Here are some things I practice to amp up the good vibes. - Pay it forward. Treat the person next in line to a coffee.  This is Colleen.

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    Power Outage Prep

    We lost power for a few days after a snow cyclone.  Here are the lessons I learned to become an official power outage prepster.

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    Practice Safe Stress

    Traction for a neck injury, re-entry into the production world, my hubby was laid off, parenting a teenager, we're selling our house AND moving.   I'M STRESSED!   Ironically, the DC talk show Let's Talk Live asked

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    Puppy Love - unique ways to pamper your pooch

    We spent 4 years naming the dog we were never going to get.  The kids went through a plethera of ideas from Chewbacka to George Washington.  I am allergic and didn't want a dog, the fur, the extra work.  My

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    Women's Day-Ways to Get What You Want!

    Ever been called a bitch? I bet back in the day Susan B. Anthondy was called a few choice words. She was laughed at by Congress, belittled for defending a woman falsely accused of killing her child, and angry mobbed

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